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After a little break, we're back with an all new episode! First, Nikki and Sara go OFF on their love for Beyonce, and then Jared Logan joins in for a lively discussion about walking out on movies, ghosts, and more.

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Episode 44: John F. O'Donnell

In this top notch episode, there's exciting news, hilarious stories, and lots of deep stuff. First, Nikki and Sara announce some big news! Then, comedian John F. O'Donnell unleashes his ranty charm, describes his struggles with being manic depressive, and what it was like in the psychiatric ward. Nikki shares her own tale of the psychiatric ward, and just when you think things are gonna get too depressing, everyone manages to keep the laughs coming. This is why we do it, folks.

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Episode 43: Jamie Lee and Chaz Kangas

Yo yo yo yo we have a fun episode for you this week! First, Sara tells a story about peeing herself in public. Then, hilarious comedian and writer Jamie Lee joins in for a great discussion about the Kardashians, love, marriage, kids, and more. Finally, young rapper Chaz Kangas does some freestyle based on numerous suggestions from the audience. Get this up in your ears.

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Episode 42: Paul F. Tompkins

In this glorious episode, the amazing, hilarious, and incredibly handsome Paul F. Tompkins joins Sara and Nikki for a conversation about auditioning, characters, getting in trouble, subway confrontations and more. Then things get INTENSE when PFT confronts Sara about a statement she made on one of You Had To Be There's early episodes.

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Episode 41: Tiny Apartment Returns!

If you want a clusterfucky, hilarious conversation amongst amazingly funny and bestest friends, this is your episode. Tiny Apartment (Jessie Cantrell, Mike O'Gorman, Pat Driscoll) return to discuss everything. EVERYTHING! Topics include Twilight, Real Housewives, Sororities, Paul Rudd, Pat's amazing impressions, plastic surgery, beef curtains, Michael Kors, The Cosby's, "Romeo + Juliet", "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves," Seal, Lindsay Lohan, and more.

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Episode 40: Nick Turner and Santah

Lordy lordy look who's 40 (episodes)! On this rambunctious episode, Nikki and Sara are joined by the amazingly funny Nick Turner and the adorable Chicago band Santah! First, Nikki talks about a viral video she loves, Sara discusses a heartbreaking rejection she faced in college, and the two talk about school plays. Then, Nick describes his talents as a child, his start in New York, and the three talk about Libya, a disturbing video, and interacting with strangers in New York. Finally, the band Santah plays two awesome songs!

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Episode 39: Sarah Tollemache

In this week's delightful episode, comedian and writer Sarah Tollemache stopped by Sara's apartment for a frank discussion about blow jobs, Occupy Wall Street, and more. First, Nikki describes her experience auditioning for college gigs, and then Sara shares a cautionary tale about talent agents. Then, Sarah Tollemache joins in to relay her and Nikki's experiences at Occupy Wall Street. The ladies hatch a genius plan involving blow jobs and M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village." Join the movement, you guys!

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Episode 38: Hari Kondabolu

This week, the hilarious Hari Kondabolu (Comedy Central, Kimmel) dropped by to discuss "The Lion King," "Newsies," pets, horse porn, and much more. This will delight and also maybe terrify you. Not for the weak of mind.

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Episode 37: Paul Scheer and Pete Holmes

Live from a hotel room in Los Angeles! The day after Sara went to the Emmy's, Nikki and Sara invited the amazing Paul Scheer and Pete Holmes to chat about Hollywood, kale, getting into fights at restaurants, true crime TV, writing jokes, developing new catchphrases, and more. We were sans Andrew this time, so forgive us if the sound is a bit wonky.

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Episode 36: Henry Phillips

In this episode, the wonderful comedian Henry Phillips chats and sings and discusses his hilarious web series "Henry's Kitchen," making movies, and more. But first, Nikki and Sara talk about their lack of skills in certain areas like cleaning and doing hair. Sara tells a story about working as a janitor, Nikki shares her "It's Not Litter" song, and audience member and former guest Joe List talks about boogers. Come, podcast with us!

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Episode 35: Carmen Lynch

This week, Nikki and Sara have a chat with comedian Carmen Lynch (Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central). The ladies talk about being the other woman, dating in the modern world, the dreaded friend zone, the topic of suicide, bad trips, how not to tweet about someone dying, and getting asked out by old dudes on the street. Yep, we pretty much covered it all in this one.

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Episode 34: Tanner Walle

After a booking snafu, Sara and Nikki brave the podcast alone until their musician pal all the way from Episode 1, Tanner Walle, joins in. This is a doozy: they have a frank discussion about jizz, Sara reveals a lurid tale of bedroom miscommunication, and Nikki shares a hilarious and cruel story about the "you know who you look like?" game. Tanner closes it out with what we like to call "vibrator music." Come, listen with us.

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Episode 33: Stuckey and Murray

This week, Nikki and Sara take some time to answer a few questions submitted by some Hobots and Brobots (their decided name for YHTBT fans). Then, hilarious and supremely nice comedy duo Stuckey & Murray join in to talk about their experience on "Last Comic Standing" and more. Then they play three great songs. If you've never heard these two before, you absolutely must listen - they are awesome!

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Episode 32: Zach Sherwin (MC Mr Napkins)

Nikki has returned! In this episode, Sara tells Nikki about her weird obsession with "dark-umentaries" and how they motivate her to get work done, and then Nikki explains her violent hatred of Applebee's. And of course naturally, that leads into a discussion about rape jokes. The, comedian / rapper Zach Sherwin (MC Mr. Napkins) talks about willpower, getting work done, and the ladies mull over how to deal with other comedians' success.  Finally, before performing a few songs, Zach helps Sara and Nikki figure out a name for YHTBT listeners. Take a listen, and find out who you are.

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Episode 31: Jon Friedman and Andy Friedman

This is a You Had To Be There first: Nikki's out of town! Sara bravely attempts to host alone, though Nikki calls in at the beginning to explain her whereabouts - so it's not a totally Nikki-less episode. Then, Sara's BFF Jon Friedman (The Rejection Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), joins in for a conversation about starting in New York together, fart noises, and what it was like working at Fallon together. Their co-blogger Cory Cavin joins in to further reminisce. Then, Jon's brother Andy Friedman (musician, artist) takes us out with three amazing songs. A cozy episode, but we'll be glad to have Nikki back for episode 32!

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Episode 30: Jessi Klein and Some Calypso Music

This time the ladies get deep into a discussoin about dating and finding the right guy. First, Nikki and Sara talk about friends with benefits, and then the lovely and talented Jessi Klein (Comedy Central, SNL) joins in. The ladies go through the five things they want in a man - and about not settling for anything less. Guys and girls both need to take a listen. Several "a-ha" moments guaranteed. Finally, Marc Friedman (The Slip) and some friends play us a very special selection of calypso music! Neat!

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Episode 29: Keith and The Girl

On this episode, Sara and Nikki welcome two podcasting legends: Keith and The Girl (Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili). The four talk about love, cat-calls, revenge, and more. If you've ever heard Keith and The Girl (if you haven't, you need to start, now!), then you know how great Keith and Chemda are at conversation. At the end, Chemda and her girlfriend Lauren Hennessy perform a couple songs. Do this!

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Episode 28: Wyatt Cenac and TJ Miller

Get ready for a jam-packed episode! First, Nikki regales us with a tale about getting arrested and her subsequent court appearance. Then, Wyatt Cenac joins in to add his own arrest story. He also discusses his Comedy Central special, his rockbottom moment before getting The Daily Show, and more. TJ Miller then reveals a special meeting with Tom Cruise, and talks about his new album. We end on a sneak peek of on of the crazier tracks, "Special Individual." Go ahead, treat yourself to a listen. Because YOU are a special individual.

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Episode 27: Eric Drysdale and Corn Mo

This week, Colbert Report writer Eric Drysdale and musician Corn Mo get all delightful in Sara's apartment. First, Sara and Nikki discuss the newly-formed YHTBT Rewards Program, and they discuss their respective policies on movie-going. Then, Eric joins in and describes his new viewfinder experience, called "The Man With F.E.E.E.T.", and his pathway to becoming an Emmy-winning comedy writer. Amid the conversation, Sara describes her terrifying doll named Penny. Finally, Corn Mo plays a few songs on the accordion, talks about Pandora stations and meeting Tiny Tim.

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Episode 26: A Very Special Episode with Pat Dixon

Moments before this episode began taping, Nikki got some crushing news. She and Sara talk about the heartbreaking reality of show business and how they cope with rejection. Things get deep and eyes well up. Then, comedian Pat Dixon joins the discussion. It meanders into dark territory - Pat's crime report podcast gives him insight into the underworld of New York City. Heavy stuff, but still funny. Buckle up.

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Episode 25! Live at UCB with Todd Barry, Kurt Braunohler & Mike Doughty

We did it! After receiving a negative review from someone who claimed we'd never make it to episode 25 - we defiantly hosted our 25th episode as a live show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. Guests include Todd Barry, Kurt Braunohler, and Mike Doughty. This is a raucous, hilarious episode. Thanks to all the folks who came out to see it in person, and thank you to all our listeners out there. We love you! Here's to 25 more!

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Episode 24: Dan Soder and Micah & Myq

In this episode, Nikki and Sara give some behind-the-scenes insight into the amazing episode 23, and welcome Dan Soder and Micah & Myq (Micah Sherman and Myq Kaplan).  Dan talks about "twat twang" and college days, and then after a short break and toilet malfunction, Micah & Myq chat and play three hilarious songs.

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Episode 23: Shock G

In this special episode, Digital Underground co-founder Shock G joins Sara and Nikki for an intensely interesting and hilarious conversation and piano jam. Greg explains the origins of Humpty Hump, his recent performances with Dave Chapelle, his friendship with Tupac, imagining the Obamas getting it on, sending dirty pictures, drug addiction, heartbreak, and much more. Listen to the second half for meandering song performances on the piano!

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Episode 22: Ben Kronberg and Julie Klausner

This week, comedian Ben Kronberg (Jimmy Kimmel Live) and Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week) join Sara and Nikki for a conversation, music, and laughs. First, Nikki and Sara talk about roommates, and then Ben joins in for a completely random conversation - Sara confronts Ben about his sometimes combative performance style. Ben attempts to do some live music but then opts for one-liners instead. Then, Julie talks about Sara's neighborhood cat, the entire group watches the latest cat viral video, and the ladies discuss friendships. Finally, Julie ends on a wonderful rendition of Roxette's "Must Have Been Love", which turns into a singalong.

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Episode 21: Brooke Van Poppelen & David Cope

On this installment, Nikki and Sara welcome Brooke Van Poppelen (TruTV, ECNY nominee) and David Cope (Comedy Central), two emerging comics that you're going to love. First, Sara talks about a scary visit to the ER after last episode's taping, and Nikki recounts a horrifying and hilarious discovery that you will have to hear to believe. Then, Brooke joins in and the ladies talk LADY STUFF! Finally, David shares a funny e-mail exchange with his dad, and reveals his love for a new-age harpist. He plays us some of his harp jokes, and then we end with one of David's new age harp songs! (Must listen to the very end!) Enjoy.

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Episode 20: Arden Myrin & Ben Lerman

This week, Nikki and Sara welcome Arden Myrin (MadTV, Chelsea Lately) and Ben Lerman! They discuss Sara's ant problem and Nikki's experience with a house centipede. Then, Arden joins in and they talk parades, Nikki's experience filmiing a reality show, losing one's virginity, and more! Finally, Ben Lerman plays us some of his delightfully sweet and funny songs.

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Episode 19: The Gregory Brothers & Reggie Watts

In this episode, The Gregory Brothers (Auto-Tune The News) give a delightful interview and perform three of their hits. Plus, Reggie Watts stuck around from the last episode and added his two cents. First, Sara and Nikki describe some embarrassing moments from their youth, and Nikki confronts an adult bully in her life. Then, The Gregory Brothers talk about Antoin Dodson, touring (with a brief cameo from audience member Ted Leo!), and sing three songs including "Bed Intruder Song" and "Double Rainbow". Best sep ep ever?

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Episode 18: Reggie Watts

After a short break, we're back with an all new episode, this time with the amazingly talented and possible alien Reggie Watts. First, Nikki and Sara catch up since they last saw each other in Portland, and Sara talks about leaving Late Night for a new job. Then, Reggie discusses his current work in a play, performing on Conan, and more. Then, he works his magic performing a few songs! Check back later this week for Episode 19, with both Reggie Watts and The Gregory Brothers (AutoTune The News).

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Bonus Episode: Kristen Schaal

Here's an outtake from Episode 15 with Kristen Schaal! In it, Kristen tells us about interactions with famous people, her book, Bob's Burgers, and more. We will be back next week with all new episodes!

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Episode 17: Live at Bridgetown! with Nick Tune, Chris Fairbanks, and MC Mr. Napkins

Recorded at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon at the Mt. Tabor Lounge. In this episode, Nikki and Sara take the podcast on the road for the first time! Comedians Nick Thune (The Tonight Show, Comedy Central), Chris Fairbanks (Fuel TV, Comedy Central, MTV), and MC Mr. Napkins (Zach Sherwin) join their hosts at the Mt. Tabor Lounge along with about 50 or so audience members. They discuss the festival, famous people, the time Chris took a Cialis, being a comedian rapper, and more. Plus, both Nick and Zach perform a couple of songs for us! Thanks to Bridgetown and to Jay Mackin at for helping us pull this off!

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Episode 16: Tiny Apartment & Black Telephone

In this raucuous episode, the creators of the hilarious web series Tiny Apartment (Jessie Cantrell, Mike Ogorman, Pat Driscoll) join Nikki and Sara along with the Washington, D.C. indie rock band Black Telephone. Nikki and Sara kick things off by shouting out their young fans, and then Nikki tells a tale about a recent run-in with a pervert on the train. Then, Jessie, Mike, and Pat join in. Topics include: their web series, squirting, Billy Joel, the popular crowd, and much more. Make sure you listen for Mike's amazing Christian Bale impression! Finally, Black Telephone delivers two amazing songs including the use of a hipster drum machine!

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Episode 15: Kristen Schaal & Amy Miles

In this revealing episode of You Had To Be There, comedian and actress Kristen Schaal (Bob's Burgers, The Daily Show, and many more amazing credits) and musician Amy Miles (Smart Girls at The Party, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) join Sara and Nikki for a brutally honest conversation about knitting. Not really. It's a conversation about sex, masturbation, and orgies, y'all! And a little bit about the weather. Then, at the end, Amy Miles plays two amazingly beautiful songs and one funny one from 7th Floor West (on Fallon). Stay tuned for a bonus mini-episode with more from Kristen Schaal!

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Episode 14: Hannibal Buress & Mindy Raf

On a lazy sunday afternoon, Nikki and Sara welcomed Hannibal Buress (30 Rock, SNL, Late Night, Comedy Central) and Mindy Raf (a standup who is also known for her folk-singer character, Leibya Rogers), along with a delightful audience of friends. First, Sara and Nikki talk about crying and fainting on stage, and then asked Hannibal about the weirdest thing that's ever happened to him while performing. The answer is hilarious, and from there the conversation wanders into his career, his influences, and more. Then, Mindy Raf explains her character Leibya Rogers, before performing two songs and answering questions while in character! Come, walk with us. In your head.

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Episode 13: Nate Bargatze & Shonali Bhowmik

This episode, comedian Nate Bargatze (Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central Presents) and Shonali Bhowmik (Tigers & Monkeys, Variety SHAC) join Nikki, Sara, and a small group of friends for a hilarious conversation. First, Sara discusses an odd side job she has, and then Nikki describes an awkward moment with a fan and his wife. When Nate joins in, they talk about Nate's act, performing in Iraq, and more. Then, in a crazy small-world moment, Shonali realizes that Nate's dad is someone near and dear to her heart. The conversation meanders to church camp, journaling to Jesus, and Shonali's music. She brings the podcast to a beautiful finish with two new songs from her solo album, 100 Oaks Revival.

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Episode 12: Fallon Writers Mike DiCenzo, Amy Ozols & Bashir Salahuddin

In this very special episode of YHTBT, three writers from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Mike "Deetch" DiCenzo, Amy Ozols, & Bashir Salahuddin join Sara and Nikki for a meandering but hilarious conversation about writing for the show, "very special" episodes of sitcoms, catchphrase characters, nightmares, and much more. Make sure you stay for the last 10 minutes, in which Bashir interprets the lyrics to two of Deetch's original songs. The two cap it off with a beautiful rendition of the America's Funniest Home Videos theme song!

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Episode 11: Sabrina Jalees & Mike Doughty

In this week's episode, Sara and Nikki welcome comedian and Canadian TV personality Sabrina Jalees, beloved musician Mike Doughty (formerly of Soul Coughing), and a loving audience into Sara's Brooklyn apartment. The beers were flowing, as were the hilarious stories and secrets. First, Sara admits to being an adult thumbsucker, and then, Sabrina joins in and tells tales of her own thumbsucking. Sabrina also explains how she burned her neck, and shares a crazy story about getting charged with punching a guy in the nuts. Then, Mike Doughty sings three songs (all really great!), tells an anecdote we like to call Slammadoo, and more. There was so much great stuff for this one, we let it go a little long!

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Episode 10: Joe List & Adira Amram

We did it! 10 episodes! This week, Nikki and Sara welcome comedian Joe List (Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central) and musician / comedian Adira Amram. First, Sara encourages Nikki to try out for The Bachelor and Sara discusses the presence of a used condom on her doorstep. Then, Joe joins in to tell tales of outdoor sex, and a story in which he took a sh*t on the floor in a stranger's apartment (AMAZING story).  Finally, Adira plays two awesome songs and discusses her family and certain musicians she doesn't like. Thanks to everyone for listening - the audio is steadily improving and we're so glad you're coming along for the ride!

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Episode 9: Ryan Hamilton & Matthew Hemerlein

On this episode, Nikki and Sara welcome comedian Ryan Hamilton (Last Comic Standing, Showtime) and musician Matthew Hemerlein. First, Nikki and Sara talk about a negative review they received, Nikki shares a ridiculous email from a fan, and she recaps a recent trip to do shows in Orlando. Then, Ryan joins in for a conversation about cruise ships, hot air balloons, and more! Finally, the talented Matthew Hemerlein played two stunningly beautiful songs - one original, and one cover that might surprise you. He also discusses his recent trip to Asia with the band Local Natives!

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Episode 8: Ted Alexandro & Ted Leo

It's YHTBT's "Tedcast"! Nikki & Sara welcome comedian Ted Alexandro (The Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central, Louis) and musician Ted Leo (Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Best Show) for a very special night of Teds. First, Nikki and Sara talk about The Bachelor. Shortly thereafter, Ted A. joins in and leads us down a road of inspiration. He shares his philosophies on love, writing, career, and more. It's amazing. Then, Ted L. chats a little before playing three songs. He debuts "Smug Little Supper Club" (never played before this night!), plays another pretty new song "As If I Could", and a cover of The Waterboys' "Fisherman's Blues". If you're new to the podcast, this is a very safe bet for awesome.

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Episode 7: Myq Kaplan & Deb Oh

In this week's episode, comedian Myq Kaplan (Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central) and musician Deb Oh (plus her band!) delighted us with words and music. Nikki, Sara, and Myq talk about their favorite / least favorite words and worrying about being a racist or offensive in both their comedy acts and in life. Then, Myq describes what he was like in high school; and Nikki reveals an embarrassing habit from her childhood. Finally, Deb Oh and her band perform two amazing songs!

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Episode 6: Kurt Braunohler & Justin Keller

This week, Nikki and Sara welcome comedian Kurt Braunohler and musician Justin Keller (Land of Leland). Sara talks about a new tattoo, and Nikki reveals a story about a piercing she once had. Then, Kurt Braunohler steps in for a hilarious conversation about the weirdest/funniest things people could say when they orgasm, the worst post-sex behaviors, and Missed Connections. Finally, Sara and Nikki embarrass the hell out of their musical guest, the dreamy Justin Keller. He closes with two really amazing songs (including audience backup singing!). [Editor's note: for this episode we experienced some technical difficulties; but it still turned out pretty great - we're sorry that Kurt's mic is not loud enough! We're fixing it for future episodes!]

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Episode 5: Rory Scovel & Dima Drjuchin

Best episode yet? Comedian Rory Scovel (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central) and musician Dima Drjuchin (Corrupt Autopilot) join Nikki, Sara, and a small gathering of friends for deep(ly disturbing) conversation, beers, and music. First, Sara and Nikki discuss New Year's resolutions, Sara performs a song, and Nikki tells the story of a friend with unique anatomy. Then Rory joins in to talk about recording John Oliver's Stand-Up Special, going to strip clubs, and his own New Year's resolutions. Dima Drjuchin wowed us with his stripped down songs, and discussed ghosts and night terrors. All in all, this episode is the tops.

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Episode 4: Brent Sullivan & Adrien Reju

In episode 4, Nikki and Sara welcome the hilarious Brent Sullivan and the supremely talented singer-songwriter, Adrien Reju. Nikki confesses to once being a shoplifter, while Sara describes her crazy Christmas gift-making. When Brent joins them, the conversation turns to his show Fag Life, guilty pleasures (including something called "mirror drinking"), awkward dirty talk, and trying to impress attractive strangers. Then, the lovely Adrien Reju shows off two brand new songs.

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Episode 3: Sean O'Connor & Zach Williams

In this episode, Nikki & Sara talk about what they did for Thanksgiving, a strange gig Sara got writing for a billionaire, and Nikki's run-in with some perverts on the train. Comedian Sean O'Connor then joined them to talk about his appearance on Tyra, the reasons he stopped drinking, and more. Musician Zach Williams performed two amazing songs, accompanied by violinist Elizabeth Davis!

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Episode 2: Nick Turner & Rachel Zylstra

On our second episode, Nikki & Sara welcome comedian Nick Turner and musician Rachel Zylstra. Nikki and Sara discuss celebrity run-ins, Lifetime Movie Network, foot massages and more. Sara and Nick reminisce about their hometown and their beginnings in comedy in New York together. Then, the group discusses the a certain sexual position and dating people that are wildly younger/older. Finally, Rachel Zylstra sings two adorable songs. All in all, you'll learn something about comedy, your body, and life.

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Episode 1: Rachel Feinstein & Tanner Walle

It's the debut episode of You Had To Be There! Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer welcome comedian Rachel Feinstein and musician Tanner Walle into Sara's Brooklyn apartment, along with a small and loving audience of (most likely drunk) friends. The ladies discuss what it's like working the road, Rachel's mom's reaction to her success, Food Network, fan collages, and more. Then, Tanner Walle woos us with two great songs.

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